bridges allows you to mix it up, throw ideas around,
be mobile, and connect the dots in different ways.


"bridges lets you plug into our own personalized space. It’s like
being part of your own little hive where everyone is able to contribute,
share, and move the project forward.”

bridges helps redefine how you connect and share. It creates
an environment where you can achieve so much more!


Envision your own bridges work system



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“bridges offers a range of inspired features
that allow you to transform your workspace.”

Vlad Muller, bridges Designer
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Bridges: Designed for Today’s Modern Workplace

Millennials’ Needs Drive Change

Today’s changing economy is being driven by technology and a younger demographic of mobile, millennial workers. They have shucked the yoke of being locked away in tiny cubicles and the sterility of four walls and emerged from this cocoon mentality – their world is all about teamwork – you know, play dates, sharing crayons and everybody wins.

This brilliant and engaged new workforce, crave collaboration and need it reflected in everything they do. From sharing social updates to ridesharing a bike or car, their lives revolve around contact and cooperation with others. This is especially true in their work lives. That’s why bridges by Global Contract was created.

bridges was designed for the new workforce and the tasks they do.  Most work places focus on collaboration to create an innovative and energetic atmosphere amongst its staff. But most will fail if they rely on old world office furniture of cubicles and executive offices. Sound familiar? If it does, then your workplace collaboration is most likely suffering.

Collaboration = Creativity

Today’s modern workstations are rooted in the spirit of collaboration. Known in the industry as benching (think

sitting across from someone on a picnic bench, only a lot more comfortable) bridges is a modern, clean, linear, and most importantly modular workstation that brings people and ideas together.

The reality is that well-thought out workspace design like bridges can empower a free-flowing forum of ideas, keep employees engaged and creative, and importantly, it can even help attract hot new talent – people who need a collaborative inspired workspace, not a corporate cubicle that confines their creativity.

Open concept has been a popular theme in home building and renovation as families design their living spaces around spending more time together. This has contributed to a shift in office environments as well. Open concept offices are becoming the norm. Executives are now sitting with their teams, reflecting a true team environment with no closed doors; even hierarchal job titles are disappearing.

bridges also addresses the mobile nature of the new economy with power and data management that is easily accessible for tablets, laptops or smartphones. Vlad Muller, Director of R&D and bridges designer, studied how today’s employees work and engage and designed bridges to address these newly defined needs.

 “An inherent part of the design process is observing how people work and understanding how to make their lives easier.”



“Change is constant” has never been truer than today’s business environment. With that in mind, bridges fulfills the need for businesses to be more nimble and be able to address staffing needs quickly. That’s why one of bridges more appealing features is its modularity. The ability to add storage, desking, partitions and extra power management are an important deciding factor for many growing businesses. Peace of mind is also key to your business, and with Global Contract, your businesses can feel confident that bridges products will be around for years to come.

bridges is rooted in the collaborative spirit of today’s new workforce and can help employees outperform for your business when they CONNECT SHARE and ACHIEVE.