Top 6 Office Design Tips That Inspire

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Where does inspiration come from? What unleashes innovation? Many businesses believe passionately that it’s all about creating the right office environment for their people to collaborate, be comfortable and be creative.

Here’s how to get busy choosing the right furniture:

1. Watch how your people interact
How do your people connect presently? What kind of work are they engaged in? Check out how comfortable they are working in teams and if their furniture empowers collaboration or hinders it.

2. Check out your space
Do you have an open space concept? Is the layout a very utilitarian space or is it more conducive to allowing for team members to work easily together? Want to keep it within a design theme? Take the time to understand your space, and your needs.

3. Look at your unique identity
You’ve likely already created an environment that reflects the essence of your business. Visualize office furniture that compliments this identity, and extends your brand image.

4. Consider the size of your office
When it comes to your office furniture, size matters. Will it fit comfortably in your existing space? Will the furniture help your people feel comfortable, not constrained? Think about how it fits into your space, and with your people.

5. Invest wisely
You can spend a lot of money without proper planning or you can invest wisely in your office. Determine the value of having furniture that will free your team members to better collaborate and make an investment in the future of your business.

6. Consult with a registered designer
You’re a busy professional and great at what you do but let’s face it, you may not have the best design sense. The world of office design is constantly changing to keep pace with technology and changing office cultures; consulting with a registered designer is an invaluable service for getting your office space optimized for collaboration.

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2 Responses to Top 6 Office Design Tips That Inspire

  1. William Salava says:

    Consult with furniture sales team/research plus best in peer visits, allow for individual storage and general storage as a neat work space helps results, work with general lighting and task lighting, avoid noise issue in design that comes from work station to work station, as it will be a major distraction

  2. Jacklyn Schroder says:

    That’s powerful, thanks for the news.

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